Why you should forestrip

The main goal of today"s dairy farmer is to produce high quality milk in the most efficient way possible. Producers of high quality milk know that it is important to have a consistent method for milking preparation and unit attachment. The objective of milking management is to ensure that units are applied to visibly clean, well-stimulated teats, milk is rapidly and efficiently harvested and milking units are removed when milking is completed.

A number of milking routines are used on dairy farms but no single milking practice will independently result in improved milk quality in the face of overwhelming exposure to mastitis pathogens, say experts at Penn State University.

The secret of producing high quality milk is to consistently use a well-defined milking technique by all everyone on the farm that helps to reduce pathogen exposure. Forestripping should be applied to all milking routines and is a fundamental practice that can help to greatly increase milk quality.

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Source: Penn State University



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