World Dairy Expo Concludes Another Successful Run

World Dairy Expo promo poster. ( World Dairy Expo )

World Dairy Expo (WDE), which ended its 53rd show last Saturday, ended another successful run with just over 62,000 people attending, including 2,133 international guests from 94 countries.

The Trade Show included 859 exhibitors representing 28 countries, 41 states and 6 Canadian provinces. There were 223 registered media covering the show.

Expo barns housed 2,331 head of cattle with 1,642 breeders exhibiting cattle. Cattle came from 34 states and seven Canadian provinces. Judging on the seven breed shows consumed 83 hours. The Supreme Champion, Cutting Edge T Delilah, a Brown Swiss, was exhibited by Ken Main and Kenny Joe Manion, Copake, N.Y. This is the second year in a row Delilah was named Supreme Champion.

In four breed sales, 134 lots of cattle sold for a total of $1,639,600.

In intercollegiate dairy cattle judging, Ohio State, Penn State and the University of Minnesota were the top three teams. Madison Dyment, from the University of Kentucky, was the top individual, with Rachel Coyne and Tanner Morrison, both from the University of Minnesota, coming in second and third, respectively.

The Grand Champion Forage Producer in the World Forage Analysis Superbowl was Harry Adams, Jr., Byron, Ill. The Grand Champion First Time Entrant was Ro-La Dairy, Rexville, N.Y.

You can see all results here.



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