Yellow Jacket Misting System

Yellow Jacket Misting SystemFor years farmers have told the Big Ass Fan Company that their signature gargantuan overhead fans are the next best thing to air-conditioning dairy barns. To close the gap further, this year Big Ass Fans debuted the Yellow Jacket misting option to bring the cooling equivalent of 11 tons of air conditioning right where it's needed—for a fraction of the cost.

Based on the durable Yellow Jacket fan proven in dairy facilities worldwide, the new system features an ultra-fine atomized mist that literally absorbs heat in the air and turns hot outdoor settings into a cooling zone.

Yellow Jacket Misting SystemYellow Jacket mister is a portable fan that takes abuse and stays in use. The 18- and 36-inch pedestals allow you to direct airflow where it's needed; while its IP45-rated components and easy-to-remove cage mean you can spray it down to clean. The misting system is simple to set up in any barn with a standard outlet and garden hose.

Decades of research have proven what generations of farmers can tell you—that comfortable cows produce more milk. Thermal comfort is a big part of this equation. With an ultra-fine misting system that actually lowers the temperature of a space through instant evaporation—meaning your barns won't be drenched—the comfort of air conditioning is now available for your herd.





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