Is Your Mailbox Milk Price Above Your Cost of Production?

( Canva )

After a long stretch of disheartening milk checks over the years, milk prices are finally headed in the right direction and are predicted to trend even higher as we enter the holiday months. 

However, a tidal wave of wet weather patterns has hit the 2019 harvest season hard, which will likely cause an unfavorable impact on feed costs throughout the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Additionally, a shortage in farm labor has pushed wages higher, causing producers to pinch a few extra pennies just to keep good employees on the farm.  

Although producers seem to be more satisfied with their mailbox milk price, that does not mean that they are in the green just yet. Margins continue to look tight as farmers factor in their cost of production. 

Has the increase in milk prices allowed you to surpass your cost of production? We want to know! Take our poll below to see how you stack up against other dairy producers.

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