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Embrace Transparency

Dec 30, 2017 by JoAnn Alumbaugh
Kevin Folta, a professor and department chair at the University of Florida encourages farmers and people in agribusiness to be ready to communicate to a different audience.

First-Ever Bioreactor Recharge in Iowa

Nov 13, 2017 by JoAnn Alumbaugh
Nine years ago, one of the first bioreactors was installed on Mike Bravard’s farm near Jefferson, Iowa. Last week, that bioreactor was reconditioned, all in an effort to make water cleaner for people downstream.

Editorial: People, Listen to Reason!

Nov 06, 2017 by JoAnn Alumbaugh
I read an excellent editorial in The New York Times today called, “Relax, You Don’t Need to ‘Eat Clean,’” by Aaron E. Carroll, MD. It was a voice of reason in the wilderness of public opinion.