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Longhorned Ticks Now in Four States

Jun 15, 2018 by John Maday
Agricultural officials this week confirmed  the presence of the Longhorned tick in Benton County, Arkansas, increasing to four the number of states with confirmed sightings of the exotic Asian pest.

VFD Audits: Bovine FAQ

May 15, 2018 by John Maday
Eighteen months after full implementation of the new VFD rules for medicated feeds, most veterinarians and other stakeholders have become familiar and comfortable with the process and compliance in routine practices.

Move Forward on Traceability

Apr 11, 2018 by John Maday
This week the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) hosts its annual conference with the theme “Livestock Traceability: Opportunities for Animal agriculture.”

Solving Lameness in Dairy Cattle

Apr 06, 2018 by John Maday
Worldwide, about 23% of dairy cattle experience lameness issues, with three types of hoof lesions causing most of those problems, says University of Wisconsin veterinarian Nigel Cook.

Consider Pain-Management Options

Mar 21, 2018 by John Maday
Across livestock production, we’ve seen growing acceptance of the relationships between stress, disease and lost performance. We’re also operating in a time when consumer perceptions are evolving rapidly.

Adjusting to High Vitamin Prices

Mar 05, 2018 by John Maday
Global shortages of vitamins A and E have pushed prices sharply higher for several months, forcing livestock producers and nutritionists to seek ways to control expenses while maintaining adequate nutrition in rations.

VFD: One Year Later

Dec 13, 2017 by John Maday
Reflections on successes, challenges and questions after one year under expanded veterinary feed directive (VFD) rules.