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Springer Values Showing Promise

Sep 06, 2019 by Maureen Hanson
The values for Holstein springing heifers held steady or inched slightly upward in most markets this past month, and are 20-40% higher compared to last year at this time.

Beware of Salt Poisoning in Dairy Calves

Sep 04, 2019 by Maureen Hanson
The health and productivity of young calves can be affected by a wide range of metabolic and pathogenic conditions. Among the maladies that can profoundly affect calves’ health is their intake and balance of sodium.

Dairying in 2069

Aug 12, 2019 by Maureen Hanson
Today’s U.S. dairy calf and heifer raisers may be ahead of the curve in adopting the management styles that will drive the U.S. dairy industry 50 years from now.

Protect Your Calves During Fly Season

Aug 07, 2019 by Maureen Hanson
Flies are more than just an annoyance for calves in warm weather. High fly populations also can spread diseases among calves; cause stress and reduced immunity; and negatively impact growth and weight gain.

Use TLC with MLVs

Jul 03, 2019 by Maureen Hanson
Modified live vaccines can be effective in building immunity in cattle, because they stimulate an immune response to a variation of disease-causing organisms. But those live organisms can be touchy and temperamental.