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The Magnificent Seven: Guernsey

Oct 06, 2018 by Rick Mooney
Shifting dynamics in the U.S. dairy product/milk marketplace have put Guernsey breeders on a solid upward glide path, reports Doug Granitz, executive director of the American Guernsey Association.

The Magnificent Seven: Jersey

Oct 03, 2018 by Rick Mooney
When it comes to designing and implementing breeding strategies, members of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) are keeping profitability squarely at the forefront.

The Magnificent Seven: Ayrshire

Oct 02, 2018 by Rick Mooney
Profitability and efficiency have emerged as key concepts in Ayrshire breeder circles over the past decade and brought about major changes to the appearance of cows in the showing.

The Magnificent Seven: Holstein

Oct 01, 2018 by Rick Mooney
There’s been a noteworthy reduction in the physical stature of the cattle appearing in the International Holstein Show held in conjunction with World Dairy Expo.