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Managing Effluent Runoff

Jul 29, 2020 by Sponsored Content
In less-than-ideal harvest conditions, producers may be forced to ensile forages at high-moisture content. Early harvests — with moisture levels higher than 70% — can lead to increased effluent runoff. 

Protect Dry Cows To Prevent Mastitis

Jul 18, 2020 by Sponsored Content
Watch the video to learn more from Dr. Michele Barrett, DVM, Dairy Technical Services, Zoetis, about the role of the keratin plug in preventing infection and how ORBESEAL can keep your dry cows protected.

Rest And Next Lactation

Jul 16, 2020 by Sponsored Content
While your dry cows rest, focus on clearing up subclinical infections and preventing new ones to help improve milk quality. Steps for dry cow mastitis management include: