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BetaStar Plus Dairy Antibiotic Test

Aug 25, 2011 by Dairy Herd Management
Neogen Corporation announces that it has received approval from the FDA and National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) for its quick and easy BetaStar Plus assay, developed for use in the United States to

Dairy video goes viral

Aug 23, 2011 by Dairy Herd Management
When Derik Milanesio decided to create a music video on his dairy farm in Strathmore, Calif., last month, he had no idea the attention it would receive. The music video, "Where them cows at," has gone viral. As of Monda

ai24 SCR HR-Tag

Aug 11, 2011 by Dairy Herd Management
ai24's SCR HR-Tag contains a motion sensor, microprocessor, memory and a specially tuned microphone that detects a cow's rumination time, chewing rhythm and time between feed boluses.