National Cheese Day Helps Continue Dairy Month Celebration

Fresh cheese curds are a staple for many cheese consumers. ( Farm Journal Media )

As National Dairy Month is just starting to get rolling another reminder for consumers to enjoy dairy products hit when National Cheese Day came on the calendar on June 4.

Pizzerias around the country like Pizza Hut, Giordano’s and Bertucci's Brick Oven & Pasta were all offering deals on cheese pizzas or adding extra cheese onto your pizza pie.

There were also plenty of people who took to social media to celebrate #NationalCheeseDay. Here is a sampling of the posts we found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that highlighted National Cheese Day:


What better day than #NationalCheeseDay to answer the question: Can you eat moldy cheese?

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[Insert cheesy pun here]. 🧀

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And for a few laughs from National Cheese Day checkout some of these posts from several comedy shows and accounts:


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