Second N.Y. cooperative dropped by Elmhurst Dairy still scrambling

Another northeast cooperative was dropped by its milk processor with 30-day notice last week, reports the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times. Oneida-Lewis Milk Producers Cooperative has 13 members with farm sizes ranging between 50 and 200 cows. 

Members learned weeks ago that their contract would end last Wednesday, April 15, the same date as the other cooperative that lost its market. The Oneida-Lewis Milk Producers Cooperative has since been scrambling to ship milk to other plants by utilizing the spot market and making week-by-week plans.

Elmhurst also dropped a group of eight dairies earlier this month. In both cases, the state's Department of Agriculture and Markets has aided the cooperatives in finding a new home for their milk by making galls to other processors. 

Happy ending for other NY cooperative, for now

Earlier this month, we reported that a group of eight dairies representing 3,000 cows and 110 million pounds of annual milk supply had nowhere to turn with just seven days left in their contract. Their contract was simultaneously cut by Elmhurst with an April 15 end-date and 30 day notice. 

The cooperative is lead by Ray Dykeman of the 950-cow Dykeman Dairy Farm.

Sherry Bunting of Farmshine reports that Envision Dairy, a 400-cow operation, was accepted by another cooperative on April 5, but the rest of the farms" milk will head in three different directions for at least the next three months. That cooperative got its final contract signed just hours before the deadline, Tuesday evening.