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Dairy markets: Eyes on California

Yesterday’s trade moved higher, and for the third time since February found resistance just over $16.40/cwt. Volumes were also very strong. We expect this was positioning ahead of this afternoon’s USDA Milk Production report, and reaction to the revised California drought regulations.


You're already worrying, aren't you? 2015 Corn Planting Concerns

Corn planters are running earlier than normal in parts of South Dakota due to the dry weather conditions which have persisted since fall.

Although South Dakota's spring planting window for corn generally runs from late April to mid-June - with 10 percent of corn in the ground by May 10 - mid-April's weather conditions suggest that corn planting may be able to proceed significantly ahead of normal in 2015, explained Dennis Todey, SDSU Extension Climate Specialist & South Dakota State Climatologist.


Dairy Focus: The Art of Handling Cattle Becomes a Life Lesson

As a kid, I had a tendency to move faster (a lot faster) than I do now. Whether in the field or cleaning the barn, the faster my brothers and I worked, the faster we could move onto something more interesting, such as hunting gophers or adventures yet to be discovered. The concept here was the faster we worked, the more we would get done, at least until it came to handling cows.


Dead or just dormant: Assessing alfalfa stands

Hopefully, most alfalfa will come through the winter in good shape. However, there are some areas where alfalfa will show signs of injury or winterkill due to the lack of snow cover over winter. We expect that winterkill will be spotty and likely occur to a greater extent in fields with low soil pH, low potassium and sulfur and in older stands.


CWT assists with 3.3 million lbs. of cheese, WMP export sales

Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) accepted 11 requests for export assistance to sell 1.993 million lbs. of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese and 1.332 million lbs. of whole milk powder (WMP) to customers in Asia, the Middle East and Central America.


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