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Calves with Sam: Start thinking about deworming your heifers on pasture

The economics of parasite control have been well demonstrated. Feed efficiency is lower and general health is suppressed among parasitic animals. At our vet clinic we sell pour-on wormer that will treat 550 pound heifers for less than $3.00 each. So, we are not talking about a huge expense.


UNL model: 80% of Corn Belt sees yield potential at or above average

Corn is or has recently finished pollinating throughout Nebraska and the Corn Belt. During the last two weeks, after the July 15 end-of-season corn yield estimates, weather conditions remained close to the long-term means in many locations. For dryland yields, the yield scenarios continue to be favorable.


Mother Nature’s helper

Colostrum replacer is a valuable resource for nearly all dairies, but must be used correctly.


Northeast dairy farmers facing more challenging period

Farm Credit East released the cooperative’s mid-year Agricultural Credit Conditions report, indicating that while most farmers are in good financial condition in 2015, excessive moisture in key crop regions could result in problems for some producers. Dairy producers are looking at a challenging period for at least the next 12 months.


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