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Dairy markets: A 30,000-foot view

Although 2015 has proven to be less of a headline grabber than the bull market of a year ago, the 30,000-foot view of current dynamics include a lot of moving parts.


Collecting good milk samples is a must

As basic as it looks, some producers are still not fully aware and familiarized with the importance of or how to collect a milk sample. Part of mastitis control programs consist on culturing and on the microbiological analysis of milk samples. However, to be able to identify the bacteria, strict aseptic procedures must be used when collecting the samples.


St-Pierre: The swirling winds of milk price and feed costs

It looks like we might have a spring after all. As we all wait anxiously for our fields to dry off enough to allow field work, sowing, and planting, we are left to ponder about what direction the swirling dairy winds will be taking for the balance of the year. As I often wrote, predicting milk prices beyond a 3-month horizon is risky at best.


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