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THI 55: Don’t let dairy reproduction suffer

Research shows cows producing more than 77 pounds of milk per day are negatively affected when minimum Temperature-Humidity Index (THI) is greater than 65, or average THI is 68 for 17 hours per day. More recent research indicates reproduction is impacted when maximum THI is as low as 55.


Dairy markets: Divergence highlights the day

While the spot board advanced again and remains perched at 2015 highs, a 4.3% lower overall GDT result and technical triggers sparked sell-side interest, unleashing a wave of pressure that stopped the futures’ bull in his tracks and sent Class III and Cheese futures reeling.


Milk Drive, co-ops seek to fill milk gap

June is National Dairy Month, and this month – and all summer long – The Great American Milk Drive is on a mission to bring more fresh, nutritious milk to children and families in need in communities from coast to coast.


Education critical for effective cattle lameness management

When it comes to effectively managing lameness in dairy and beef cattle, there is no magic bullet. The cause is often complex, involving factors such as housing conditions, management practices, nutrition and the environment.


Retail diesel prices sits at $2.91

The average price of retail diesel in the United States sat steadily at $2.91 this week, with the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions seeing no change as well.

The Central Atlantic region had the largest decrease of two cents to hit $3.14 this week. The West Coast region saw a one cent decrease but still had the highest retail diesel prices in the country at $3.16. Other regions also saw a one cent decrease.


5 reasons to feed colostrum beyond Day 1

A growing body of evidence is suggesting there may be value in including colostrum in calf diets for the second day of life and beyond.


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