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Herd-level ketosis monitoring available from AgSource

Today we have low-cost ways to monitor whether cows have ketosis, including cow-side blood tests that cost from $0.24 to $2.00 per test. In an ideal world, producers would have time and money to test every fresh cow for ketosis twice between 5 and 20 days in milk, and some are. At $4/cow/year, that adds up to $6,000 including heifers in a herd of 1,000 cows, which is a small price to pay compared to an estimated cost of $289/cow/case of ketosis.

But sometimes it's time, not money, that's the most limiting factor on a farm.


Senate ag subcommittee assignments announced

U.S. Senate Ag Committee leaders U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), chair, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) Ranking Member, announced subcommittee assignments for the 114th Congress. Roberts and Stabenow serve as ex-officio members of all subcommittees.


House Ag Committee subcommittee appointees named

Leaders of the House Ag Committee’s subcommittees have been named by Majority Leader Rep. K. Michael Conway (R-Texas) and Ranking Member Rep. Collin C. Peterson (D-Minn.). Conway and Peterson will serve as ex-officio members of all subcommittees.


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