Dairy Rich Diet Could Promote Healthy Aging

Despite popular belief, a dairy rich diet has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation. ( Pexels )

With age comes the power of experience, a better understanding of one’s true self and, generally, a happier outlook on life. While aging has its perks, there are few people who actually want to look physically older.

Chronic, low-grade inflammation, sometimes referred to as inflammaging, is a common age-related disease typically seen in the elderly. The condition is also associated with many aging diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Growing in popularity, anti-inflammatory diets have often excluded dairy due to the belief that it caused inflammation. However, newer research indicates that certain dairy foods, including whey protein and yogurt, might actually help fight inflammation, according to an article in Dairy Foods.

The article suggests that including whey protein, fermented dairy foods and healthy amounts of milkfat could aid in the reduction of inflammation and promote healthy aging. Evidence from recent studies shows that milk product consumption may actually be beneficial against systemic inflammation, according to Dairy Nutrition.

Tom Brady, the well-known quarterback for the New England Patriots and the oldest quarterback currently in the NFL, is a supporter of the anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Consuming a pure whey protein isolate powder after a workout, Brady will sometimes take three to four scoops of this powder a day, as reported by The Boston Globe.

“Though anti-inflammatory diets are trendy, it’s important to remember that combatting chronic inflammation involves more than individual nutrients or foods,” says Greg Miller, Ph.D., chief science officer of the National Dairy Council in an article by Dairy Good. “Maintaining health is about having an overall healthful eating pattern and lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight, among other factors.”