Man killed by dairy bull

A man was killed last Friday by a dairy bull while working on a farm in Maine.

It serves as a reminder to be extra careful when working around bulls.

According to the Morning Sentinel, Ernest Bubar, 55, noticed that the bull was in the wrong pasture and tried to get it back by himself. The animal reportedly hit him and pinned him to the ground.

Penn State University Extension Safety Specialist Dennis Murphy told Dairy Herd Management he was reluctant to comment without knowing the particulars of the case. However, when read the newspaper account of what happened, he did offer this suggestion:

  • Never try to handle a bull by yourself, especially if the bull has gotten into another pen or pasture. If the bull has taken the initiative to get out of its pen or pasture, it may be in a more aggressive or agitated state than normal, Murphy says.

Some additional safety pointers :

  • Never turn your back on a bull.
  • Calm handling is key; don't shout.

The bull that attacked Bubar was sold to a cattle dealer so that it could go to slaughter, the Morning Sentinel reported.

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