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UW-Madison helps train aspiring farmers enrolled in ‘the MBA of dairy’

Considering the average age of a Wisconsin farmer is over 56 years old and the state has been losing around 500 dairy farms per year in recent years, experts say it's important to prepare young people to step into farm roles to help keep the state's $88 billion agricultural economy strong into the future.


Celebrating Safe and Healthy Ag Workers -- National Ag Day, March 18

National Agriculture Day, March 18, spotlights American agriculture and serves as a reminder that agriculture is part of us all. The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers join producers, agricultural associations, corporations, students and government organizations in marking this occasion.


National DHIA awards 21 scholarships

The National Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) Scholarship Committee selected 21 high school seniors and college students as recipients of $750 scholarships.


Immigration enforcement-only approach a threat to farming and ranching

The House Judiciary Committee is poised to pass a series of immigration bills that focus exclusively on enforcement, which would be devastating to agriculture and the rural economies it supports, the American Farm Bureau Federation warns. A Farm Bureau-commissioned study released in February 2014 showed that labor shortages resulting from enforcement-only reform would cause production to fall by $30 billion-$60 billion, while food prices would climb by 5-6 percent.


How will closing the trading pits affect market performance?

CME Group's recent announcement regarding the scheduled July 2 closing of most futures trading pits has triggered a range of reactions. News stories have covered related issues such as displaced floor traders and the effect on membership or "seat" prices, but there has been little discussion about the impact of these closings on the performance of the agricultural futures markets used by farmdoc daily readers. This article examines three questions of interest to market participants.


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